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Valentine’s Day can incredibly fun.  There is good food, good drinks, good conversation with arguably your favorite person in the world. It is romantic and it is warm – perfect to make the chilly weather of February less cold and harsh.

Nevertheless, in all the celebration, Valentine’s Day can also be taxing. All the good food and good drinks cost money. Everybody else would be spending the evening out in the town so traffic could be horrible and reservations might be sparse.

With that said, you can have the same romantic and warm Valentine’s Day at home. Top off the night with the most romantic movies listed below:

Say Anything

Say Anything probably has the most iconic scene in the history of films that involved John Cusack, a long trench coat, and a boombox. This movie is a classic. It features the very relatable bordering cliché plot of a slacker falling in love with the class valedictorian. It as romantic of a movie as it is coming of age. To be fair, falling in love for the first time is a rite of passage to adulthood.

Bridget Jones’ Diary

If you want something cute and light for your after-dinner Valentine’s Day movie marathon, Bridget Jones’ Diary should be at the top of your to watch pile. Released more than a decade ago, the story of single Bridget Jones finally finding love still resonates with the audiences. While it seems a little girly and pink for your beau, the movie is as comedic as it is romantic. So no need to worry about all the mush!

When Harry Met Sally

Like, Say Anything, When Harry Met Sally is famous for that one scene that involves Meg Ryan, a diner and faking an orgasm. Nevertheless, this movie is more than just a cute girl mimicking climax in a crowded place. The movie is revolutionary. It asked whether men and women can be friends. It doesn’t hurt that Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan had such an amazing chemistry together. Even after almost three decades, the dialogue is still relevant and the ease of their partnership still jumps out of the screen.


Based on the 1950s novel of the same name, Carol is the epitome of longing. Every scene, every breath of the characters, every glance and ever pause, the longing of a young photographer and an older woman just seeps from the screen. If you want something a little sexier and a little more mature for your Valentine’s evening, Carol with Rooney Mara and Cate Blanchet is the way to go.

Love Actually

Love Actually has been parodied and mocked since its debut in 2003. It is a movie of clichés and this is probably what makes it good and romantic. Love Actually, which stars a handful of recognizable names like Liam Neeson and Hugh Grant, is effective and self-aware. It is funny and enjoyable.

After a good meal, pop one of the movies above and we can almost ensure that you and your partner would have a great Valentine’s Day evening.

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Valentine’s Day Guide: 4 Geeky Gifts for Your Special Someone // // Mon, 05 Feb 2018 20:49:18 +0000 // Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. While fun and romantic, this holiday can be very stressful for a few people. We're making it a bit easier for those geeks out there looking for something special for their loved one.

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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. While fun and romantic, this holiday can be very stressful for a few people. Imagine, there are only less than two weeks to prepare. There are reservations to be made, outfits to be prepared and gift or gifts to purchase. At this point, you should already have an idea how you would dazzle your special someone.

Stuck on what gift you should give? Before ordering flowers or buying a box of chocolates, take a quick look at our list below. Who knows? The perfect geeky gift for him or for her might be what makes a memorable Valentine’s Day.

For Her

Geeky Plush Bouquets 

Star Wars Bouquet-Valentines Day Gift

Flowers are a Valentine’s Day staple. However, getting flowers for the holiday can feel a little bit generic. While it can cost a pretty penny, it is easy and it can seem like there is no thought process behind the gift.

What if there is a bouquet that is both geeky and romantic? Enter Think Geek’s Plush Bouquets.

From Star Wars to Corgis, ThinkGeek has a few selections of Plush bouquets that you can choose from. They sell for anywhere between $12 to $29 depending on the size and number of plushies. Affordable and thoughtful – need we say more?

Rose Gold Over Stainless Steel Seratonin Ring 

Geeky Valentines Day Ring

Just like most emotions, love can be a physiological process. When you are in love, your body produces serotonin that gives that warm and happy feeling.

What better way to say I love you in the nerdiest way possible than this Rose Gold serotonin ring? This ring, which goes for a little over $50, can be customized to your date’s taste. From the metal of the band to the rhinestones, you can give her exactly the ring that she would want.

For Him

Nixon Sentry SS Watch – Millennium  Falcon Gunmetal Limited 

Trying to figure out the gift to give to the Han Solo to your Leia Organa? You don’t have to look any further. This Nixon Sentry SS Watch Millennium Falcon Edition is the perfect gift for that special geeky someone.

The top dial of this watch mimics the Millennium Falcon as it goes into hyperdrive. Flip it over and one of Han Solo’s iconic lines greets you with a smirk and a wink – “Never tell me the odds.” For $149, your man can live his Han Solo dreams.

Player 1 – Player 2 Glassware 

Player 1 and Player 2 Glasses Valentines Day Gifts

Are you a wine drinker and your guy more of a beer drinker? This Player 1- Player 2 glassware is exactly the set that you need to get. Like the ring from Etsy above, both glasses are customizable. There are several glassware options that you can choose from. Say I love you with the language gamers understand with this gift!

Valentine’s day doesn’t have to be stressful. With the list above, you don’t have to slave over what to give your special someone. All that is left to give is a warm hug and a kiss.

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For The Benefit of Marvel: How Fox Should Play Into the MCU // // Tue, 23 Jan 2018 18:00:28 +0000 // Hard to believe the holidays have been over for almost a month. Hopefully, everyone got (most) of what they wanted. But I think for most of us, Disney dropped a rather good pre-Holiday gift in the form of Fox Studios being acquired by them.

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Hard to believe the holidays have been over for almost a month. Hopefully, everyone got (most) of what they wanted. But I think for most of us, Disney dropped a rather good pre-Holiday gift in the form of Fox Studios being acquired by them. We’d been hearing about it for the past few months, and it seemed like a far and away dream… yet, it happened. Disney now owns an extensive catalog of movie and TV franchises such as Alien, Predator, Kingsman, Rocky Horror, Firefly, The Simpsons, Bob’s Burgers, Avatar, Planet of the Apes, Home Alone, Independence Day, Die Hard, the Sound of Music, and countless other properties.

For most of us, the bigger deal is the fact that on top of that, Disney now owns the majority of the Marvel Comics universe (save for a couple properties like Spidey and Hulk) as far as movie rights are concerned. To give a (likely not-so) brief history lesson on Marvel in the movies: Marvel was on the brink of bankruptcy in the 1990s, and sold the rights to their characters off to various studios. In the mid-2000s, Marvel took a risk and brought us Iron Man, along with a small Sam Jackson teaser at the end implying this was part of something bigger… and thus the Marvel Cinematic Universe (and eventually Marvel Studios under Disney) was established.

Eventually, some rights reverted back to Marvel Studios (I.e.: Daredevil, Punisher, etc.) while Fox and Sony, in particular, decided to horde their brands (Fox clinging to X-Men and Fantastic Four while Sony held onto Spider-Man). After several failed attempts at Spidey, Sony finally came around and decided to share the web-slinger with Marvel, which led to the (pardon the pun) SPECTACULAR Spider-Man: Homecoming by Marvel Studios.

While Sony decided to play ball with the MCU, the Disney-Marvel/Fox relationship has been a rocky one. From who is allowed to have what characters in what movies (both X-Men and Avengers had their own versions of Quicksilver, with the MCU version being snuffed out at the end of Age of Ultron), to Marvel allowing Fox to produce TV shows such as Legion and The Gifted. Still, Fox has had high hopes of building upon their own “shared universe” with the successes of the X-Men, Wolverine/Logan, and Deadpool.

Now with Disney and Fox being under one roof, here is a breakdown of properties and thoughts of how this could benefit and/or disadvantage the current products:


For almost two decades, Charles Xavier and his school of superpowered mutants have had a topsy-turvy relationship in film. 2000’s X-Men definitely solidified the super-hero film, though sadly the sequels in the original trilogy didn’t live up to the hype, with “The Last Stand” being a tremendous bomb in theaters. This lead to Fox switching gears to standalone “Logan” films (since Hugh Jackman was their bread and butter of the X-Films at that point) and another tremendous bomb with X-Men Origins… eventually paving the way for the “Prequel Trilogy” of X-Films starring the current roster (McAvoy, Fassbender, Lawrence, et al) and a mea culpa for Wolverine (aptly titled The Wolverine). Prior to the Disney buyout, plans were in motion for another sequel to the prequels starring the current cast (sans Logan… allegedly Jackman’s final performance in last year’s titular sequel… although he did promise one last return, which I’ll get to momentarily). At this point it’s uncertain as to whether or not the powers-that-be at Marvel Studios (a.k.a.: Kevin Feige) will try to incorporate the X-Men into the current MCU.

While most of us would agree, it would be fantastic to see the X-Men fighting side-by-side with the Avengers against Thanos in the current run, one of the major issues is continuity. Mainly, the fact that we have two versions of Peter/Pietro Maximoff/Quicksilver (played by Evan Peters in the X-Verse and Aaron Taylor-Johnson in the MCU. The latter being snuffed out shortly after his debut in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Clearly as part of the agreement between the two studios as sister Wanda/Scarlet Witch has only been used since by Marvel). Although a number have fans have commented that if Feige so chose to have Thanos utilize the Reality Stone and take a page out of numerous comics and TV shows (because the Multiverse trope IS pretty popular these days) it could be a way of fixing this… although I personally would like to see them explain the time mistake from Spider-Man: Homecoming. The other prospect is Jackman’s (promise?) of returning as Logan one more time if he could team-up with Robert Downey Jr. and the rest of the Avengers. Fingers crossed.


In 2016, after perverting the character of Wade Wilson (played then by Ryan Reynolds) in the X-Men Origins: Wolverine film, and seemingly banishing a film to Development Hell until somehow, someone (possibly the director) leaked a bit of test footage that fans went bonkers over… Fox took a gamble on a standalone Deadpool film, and fans were not disappointed. Reynolds and Co. played the character to the letter. There’s even a couple of tiny MCU Easter Eggs in the film itself. After the success, Fox started laying out plans for their own shared X-Universe between the X-Men, Deadpool, X-Force, The New Mutants, and (possibly?) Gambit. The only problem? Deadpool being R-rated and Disney being family friendly. It was announced by Disney shortly after the purchase that they plan on leaving Deadpool as-is, with Deadpool 2 being R. But can/will DP exist in the MCU? I suppose that’s up to how Feige wants to run it. It has seemed as though in recent films, things have gotten a bit more liberal, considering the past few have had a more salty language and innuendos. Perhaps testing the waters to see what Wade could get away with? Only time will tell.

Fantastic Four

Glossing over the last Fox film (I’ve never seen it, I don’t want to. Although, I’ve heard it compared to the game Half-Life) Marvel’s “First Family” has had as interesting decade or two. Director Roger Corman had attempted to make a film in the late 1990s (It never happened). Although in the 2000’s we did get two films starring Jessica Alba and pre-Captain America Chris Evans (Those were at least decent). Now the question of whether or not they work in the MCU… maybe? I’m rather curious as to who ends up moving into Stark/Avengers Tower in NYC. Very curious.

The New Mutants

I don’t really know too much about the comic line, however, from the trailer released they’re clearly going for a horror genre for this. I’m not sure how/if this would tie into the rest of the X-Universe, let alone the MCU. With shows like Legion and Gifted, I wonder if more of this should be implemented into TV. The spooky/angsty stuff seems to work well in the home format.


Lol. Where to start… Gambit has been in as long as a Development Hell as Deadpool (if not longer). Channing Tatum has been attached for at least the past few years, with a revolving door of directors. I feel part of the issue is the fact that C-Tates is a busy man with all of his movie appearances (seriously, couldn’t he have been in Kingsman: The Golden Circle like 30 minutes longer?) and tv productions, etc. If it does happen, I could see him becoming replacement Logan since Jackman’s all but done. As for the MCU, it’s another “Who knows?” for me.

Bonus: Alien (I know, not a Marvel property, but still!)

Disney bought the Alien franchise! And to the internet, there was a plethora of “Queen Xeno makes Disney Princesses now” memes. Shortly after, there were rumors of Disney putting the kibosh on the rest of Ridley Scott’s Alien films. To be honest, I’m one of the few who liked Prometheus and enjoyed Alien: Covenant. But all things considered, I’d rather see Neill Blomkamp’s Alien 5, which seems to correct a lot of the issues with Alien 3 and beyond, and gives Ellen Ripley and a few others (hopefully) a happier ending. Also, would be cool to see Aliens vs Avengers… mostly kidding.

Of course, these are just my theories, etc. on what could possibly happen. Regardless, In Feige We Trust.





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Common Misconceptions About Anime and Anime Fans That Most People Don’t Know // // Wed, 17 Jan 2018 08:21:55 +0000 // There is no denying how anime has gotten more popular in the last few years. It is no longer considered a niche form of pop culture

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There is no denying how anime has gotten more popular in the last few years. It is no longer considered a niche form of pop culture. It has grown to be widely accepted mainstream. In fact, a few full feature anime films like Your Name and Full Metal Alchemist premiered in theatres across the country. Hollywood has also taken notice and has adopted anime franchises like Ghost in a Shell.

Nevertheless, stigma surrounding anime persists. It has been around for many years, yet people still do not understand what it is and why it has such a strong following. Not only are there misconceptions about the art form, but there are also plenty of things people get wrong about those who enjoy anime. Below are just a few of those misconceptions:

Anime is for Children

Anime Is For Children-Attack On Titan

In Western television and film, the animated material is geared towards children. You have Spongebob, Mickey Mouse and the Powerpuff Girls on Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon. However, anime is entirely different from cartoons. The only thing that they have in common is the fact that they are both animated.

There are anime series that deal with very adult plots. Some of them contain sex and violence that are probably not fit for children to watch such as Attack on Titan or Hellsing Ultimate. While there are some shows that young people can enjoy, saying that anime is the same as cartoons simply does not give the art form the justice that it deserves.

Anime is Pornographic

Anime Is Not Always Pornographic-Anime Misconceptions

Not all anime is pornographic. Thinking that they are, is similar to saying that there aren’t any pornographic live action movies. If you have been on the internet at least once in your life, you probably are already aware that live-action porn exists, plentifully, online.

With that said, there is some form of anime that are pornographic – hentai, yaoi, and yuri amongst the most popular few. Not every anime fan dabbles in pornographic anime. There is no shame in watching pornographic anime like there isn’t any shame in watching good ole porn. However, anime varies from series to series. It is diverse, and there are several types people can choose from. It is irresponsible to just box in an entire format.

Anime is Unoriginal and Unintelligent

Death Note-Intelligent-Anime-Misconceptions

Calling anime, the entirety of anime – every movie and every show, dumb is nothing but a hasty generalization. It is equivalent to saying that all graphic novels or all science fiction films are stupid. This is not true.

Anime is a type of format that delivers a story. Just like every format, there are great anime series with excellent plots and deep and well thought out characters. Inversely, there are anime series that suck and aren’t worth anyone’s time.

Just like every other live-action movie or television series, anime can be set in various locations and eras with different archetypes and characterizations. It all depends on the specific anime that you watch. One cannot possibly define the format as a whole.

Anime is All About Flashing Lights and Duels

Slice of Life Anime-Maid-Sama-Anime Misconceptions

Like what was said earlier, anime is a format that is used to tell a story. This format just happens to be animated. Like television series and movies, anime can be of any genre. There are anime that deal with science fictions stories and fantasy plotlines. Some of them do include flashing lights from robots and Victorian knights and their duels. Nevertheless, reducing the entirety of anime to just fantasy plots describes a limited scope of what the format truly provides.

Anime can be weird and outlandish. But it also offers stories that are more slice of life such as Kaichou wa Maid-Sama. No laser beams, no indistinguishable monsters – just stories about regular people going about their daily lives.

Anime Fans are Perverts and Weirdos

Anime Fans-Anime Misconceptions



Because anime is commonly linked to hentai by non-anime fans, plenty of people consider fans to be perverts and losers. This is not true for all fans.

Like with every genre and every format, some people take their fanservice a little too close to the realm of odd and disturbing even My Little Pony fans can delve into the perverted side. True anime fans are probably more disturbed by these people than anyone else. For one, their perversion can be disrespectful to the anime itself and these fans also give the entirety of the format a bad name.

Moreover, some anime fans even argue that those who patronize hentai and other pornographic forms of anime aren’t real fans of the format.  They are in it for something else other than enjoying the story and the art form.

Anime Fans are Closed-Off Hermits and Losers

Anime Friends-Anime Fans-Anime Misconceptions

Describing an entire group of diverse people with a single adjective is never a good idea.  This is truest when it comes to anime fans. The perception of anime fans can truly be contradictory. There are plenty of anime fans, but people still dismiss it as niche or unpopular. Anime has some very distinguished fans. Kanye West, Zac Efron, and Christian Bale, who are arguably amongst the most popular actors in Hollywood today, enjoy anime in their downtime.

It is also quite a disservice to fans of the format to say that they are all reclusive and anti-social. If they are, there wouldn’t be as many anime conventions across the globe.

Anime Is A Passe and About to Die Out

Sword Art Online-Anime Is Not A Passe

When people think of anime; Sailor Moon, Dragonball Z, and Pokemon are the first few images that come to mind. Because these shows were favorite in the 90’s and late 00’s, most people assume that anime as a format has already gone out of style. This indeed is a misconception. The format is rife with new content and retelling of old ones. Pokemon Go, anyone?

Anime is an incredible format to revel in. It is as diverse as it is intelligent. It is a valid form of storytelling that everyone can enjoy should they give it a chance. Sure, misconceptions about anime persist. But there is plenty that people can do to destroy the sigma. At the very least, it shouldn’t discourage anyone from enjoying a little Dragon Ball Z.

With that said are there any misconceptions that make you mad? Let us know in the comments along with your favorite anime.


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Amazon Prime’s 24 of the Best TV Shows // // Sun, 07 Jan 2018 04:41:09 +0000 // Amazon Prime has helped revolutionize television viewership, but now we're stuck with the task of figuring out what to watch because honestly there is just too many choices, but that's okay that's where we come in.

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Amazon Prime has helped revolutionize television viewership, but now we’re stuck with the task of figuring out what to watch because honestly there is just too many choices, but that’s okay that’s where we come in.

Here are some of the best 25 shows to stream on Amazon Prime.

1. Sabrina: The Teenage Witch

Sabrina The Teenage Witch-Amazon Prime Shows

Sabrina: the Teenage Witch belonged to ABC’s TGIF formidable programming block. It is patterned from the Archie comics sharing the same name, starring Melissa Joan Heart playing Sabrina Spellman, dealing with challenges as a youngster while being a witch. She has a sunny personality. (FYI Netflix is creating a new Sabrina, but this time with a darker twist that we can’t wait to check out)

2. Captain Planet with Don Cheadle

Captain America - Don Cheadle-Amazon Prime Shows

Referred to as short yet comical plot from Funny or Die, in somewhat related version to that of Captain Planet, who in turn, is a bit irked with humanity. Don Cheadle is a great actor possessing many at par roles.

3. Penn & Teller: BS!

Penn and Teller BS -Amazon Prime-Show

The original title is Penn & Teller: Bullshit!, but was eventually edited to Penn & Teller: BS!. This is due to Amazon Prime’s aversion distaste for profanity. The show was classified as documentary series, running seven seasons on Showtime. Starring magician/entertainers Penn & Teller, they examine bullshitty issues with PETA, sex, cryptozoology, alongside wrong traditional thinking surrounding each.

4. Andy Griffith Show

Andy Griffith-Amazon Prime-TV Show

Good television has its way of challenging and intriguing the viewers. But most of the time, watching TV is merely finding a refuge, happy place. Nothing beats the Mayberry, North Carolina ambiance of the Andy Griffith Show, having 250 episodes in its eight-year run, where Andy Griffin played the sheriff lead character in a tiny fictional town while Don Knotts and Ron Howard were introduced to TV.

5. Mr. Show with Bob and David

The Show-Mr Bob -Amazon Prime-Show

Referred to as among the best comedy shows in the 90’s era, Mr. Show had what it takes to reign supreme. This is where Bob Odenkirk(Better Call Saul) and  Cross (Arrested Development) got introduced with his on-and-off screen talents, In addition, talented writers Sarah Silverman, Scott Aukerman, Jack Black, Tom Kenny, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Paul F. Tompkins and Brian Posehn had their chance. It is very funny, not just a dry comedy artifact.

6. The Inbetweeners

The Inbetweeners-Amazon-Prime-Show

The Inbetweeners is indeed a clutch high school comical show from Great Britain as the characters and situational scenes can be both realistically hilarious and heartbreaking.

7. Grimm

Grimm-Amazon Prime

Grimm is an upscale cop drama show, distinguished from the rest. The twist is derived from crimes and characters, based on Grimm’s Fairy Tales. Homicide investigator by the character of Nick Burkhardt (David Giuntoli) is in-charge im keeping the equilibrium of humanity and the mythological creatures Wessen.

8. Justified

Justified Amazon Prime

Classified as Western, Justified is among some few TV shows in the category. Identifiable with Timothy Olyphant’s cowboy hat, Justified is patterned from a short story with the character of Elmore Leonard. It is funny, thrilling, creepy piece of Appalachia.

9. Humans

Humans-Amazon Prime

Humans, AMC’s alliance with British Channel 4, fell short amongst Ex Machinas and Black Mirrors. It is somewhat shameful as Humans is spectacular on its many episodes. The setting is that of  near future where middle class categorized families are transforming into “synths”, human-type robots, to be household helpers.

10. Hannibal

Hannibal-Amazon Prime

Considered as among the best visually-striking streak of late, Hannibal is, by far, an aggression in every sense. Mads Mikkelsen plays vintage film and literature cannibal Hannibal Lector, while Hugh Dancy portrays forensic psychiatrist Will Graham, Hannibal’s ultimate foe.

11. Tell Me You Love Me

Tell Me You Love Me-Amazon Prime

Tell Me You Love Me tells a story of three couples in search of therapist for problems dealing with intimacy. Although its reputation could not be extended further, when it is a very good, but only made it one-season wonder.

12. Mission: Impossible

Mission Impossible-TV Show-Amazon Prime

Mission: Impossible was previously known in the 60’s and 70’s hit TV show. It supersedes government agency’s secret mission referred to as “Impossible Missions Force (IMF).” Until Tom Cruise made six spins of action movies bearing the same title.

13. Carnivale

Carnivale-Amazon Prime

Carnivale’s setting dates back to Great Depression and Dust Bowl, which is really the tell-tale between good and evil. It is equally ardent and airy but audience viewership started dropping in two seasons.

14. Brotherhood

Brotherhood-Amazon Prime-TV Show

Brotherhood is about two brothers coming from Providence, Rhode Island – a gangster (Jason Isaacs) and one politician (Jason Clarke). Sadly, the show could not maintain a good amount of audience and only aired three short but great seasons.

15. Medium

Medium TV Show-Amazon Prime

Medium presents Patricia Arquette, playing real-life psychic by the name of Allison DuBois, working with the local Arizona police, helping them solve problems. Her home life, together with her husband, is passionately and realistically pictured with the unconventional premise enabled writers with their most creative ideas.

16. In Treatment

In Treatment-Amazon Prime

In Treatment was brought about with revolutionary concept of before-after-outside of its time. It was about a psychologist (portrayed by Gabriel Bryne), airing nightly five times a week, with each night bringing in different patient. It is an adapted HBO series from identical Israeli series.

17. Lip Service

Lip Service-Amazon Prime

Lip Service’s production was somewhat gauged, network-driven in some ways. BBC was in touch with writer/director Harriet Braun, wanting a show for lesbians who are UK-based. Although Braun added soul to the show, making it interesting.

18. John from Cincinnati

john from cincinnati-amazon prime

John from Cincinnati was brought along by David Milch, beloved and resilient maker of Deadwood. It was his second project next to Deadwood and may not be any different. The setting is in the surfing community of California, an attempt to grab a resonance of “surf noir”, alongside some supernatural mixes.

19. Unsolved Mysteries

Unsolved Mysteries-Amazon Prime

The show called Unsolved Mysteries came along from our latest cultural obsessions of a Serial and Making A Murder. Amazon Prime is bringing the original with Robert Stack hosting from 1987-2002 and Dennis Farina for the recent ones. Watch Unsolved Mysteries and find out DNA of each true crime.

20. Forensic Files

Forensic Files-Amazon Prime

As proven, viewers love real-life crime stories, as well as Forensic Files having mastered transforming actual violent crimes and making them relatable within a thirty-minute entertainment, celebrating the science at the back of justice system.

21. Reading Rainbow

Reading Rainbow-Amazon Prime

Butterfly in the sky, I can go twice as high./ Take a look, it’s in a book, a Reading Rainbow!/I can go anywhere/Friends to know,/And ways to grow./It’s Reading Rainbow!”

22. The Night Manager

The Night Manager-Amazon Prime

The Night Manager, which just made its debut last year, seems poised to break into obscure TV history. The Night Manager’s broadcast, with its rediscovery, suggesting you watch now if you have not yet. Tom Hiddleston and Hugh Laurie showed excellent showmanship and the entire show represented the real nitty-gritty of a spy work, far better than what is on TV.

23. Poldark

Poldark-Amazon Prime

Poldark is an era piece about Ross Poldark, a soldier from Revolutionary War returning home only to find it not going to well. I, in fact,fact  a remake of then PBS show in the 70’s bearing the same name, and continuing the tradition of the network in an attempt to period pieces with accuracy.

24. The Living and the Dead

The Living Dead-Amazon Prime

The Living and the Dead is an artful show from BBC. It is not totally dissimilar to The Returned, which is British-ized. Starring Colin Moran for the role of Nathan Appleby, a psychologist who succeeded a beautiful, creepy manor.

25. Class

BBC Class-Amazon Prime

Class is somewhat ludicrously spinoff series, departing from Doctor Who, with a setting in Coal Hill Academy – previously advertised in Whoniverse in 50 years already. Regular students, Aliens, and shadow kings comprise Coal Hill Academy’s students and faculty.

You can watch all these featured shows on Amazon Prime.

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The 14 Most Romantic Movies On Amazon Prime! // // Sat, 06 Jan 2018 02:17:20 +0000 // Planning for Valentine’s Day? Call in the closest of your loved ones with your favorite snacks and watch the most romantic movies only at Amazon Prime!

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Planning for Valentine’s Day? Call in the closest of your loved ones with your favorite snacks and watch the most romantic movies only at Amazon Prime!

Some movies have successfully felt like walking in a pop song of first love, but others in an attempt to get the necessary drama throw the light feelings aside to capture a romance that feels real and it is about time they get honored and stand up for them opposing unearned mushy legacy.

We have tapped Amazon Prime in finding the best of the romantic movies made available for your viewing pleasure. Here are 14 of the best picks of romantic movies available on Amazon Prime. Some you may find cheesy.

14. The Lobster

The Lobster‘ is a contemporary movie and is by far one of the most atypical romances you can have from Amazon Prime. Starring Colin Farrell as David, in search for love, The Lobster remarkably portrays and recreates the social pressure that love entails.

13. The Cake Eaters

The Cake Eaters‘ bring two families together exposing their secrets and their greatest wishes. Stewart portrays Georgia, a terminally ill woman in her youth, who is realizing love for the first time much to the dismay of her family.

12. Eyes Wide Open

Eyes Wide Open‘ is an enduring, prudent, full of thoughts about love displayed in difficult circumstances.  Eyes Wide Open chases Ezri in his attempt to rebuild his business, and life, for that matter, following his father’s death. It is considered among the most peculiar and finest romantic movies on Amazon Prime.

11. Hello, My Name is Doris

Hello, My Name is Doris’ is an amazingly sweet, yet tragic and altogether jolly romantic comedy. Sally Field stars as Doris, a cheerful woman past 60 who, after her mother’s death, became fascinated with younger men. It is indeed a dogmatic romantic comedy that can affect how age is being viewed.

10. Me Before You

‘Me Before You’s‘ premise is based on a novel of the same name that was met with critical success. Emilia Clarke, the Mother of Dragons herself, plays Louisa a woman working as caretaker of the then paralyzed banker in his youth named Will (Sam Claflin). It is a heartfelt but exploitative search of love and disability under the most extreme circumstances and ultimately asks “What would you do for love?”

9. Ghost

Ghost‘ is an equally immense romantic flick. Patrick Swayze plays as Sam, a banker murdered by a thief. He then finds out he’s a ghost, unable to interact and talk to his girlfriend named Molly (played by Demi Moore). He then tries seeking to reveal the culprits of his death and in an attempt to reconnect to Molly, the love of his life and find his salvation.

8. Dirty Dancing

Dirty Dancing‘, like any other 80’s movies, is considered the movie all other romantic movies need to live up to. Jennifer Grey portrays “Baby”, who’s on vacation with her family for summer and who eventually falls for her dance class instructor, much to the dismay of her conservative family.

7. St. Elmo’s Fire

St. Elmo’s Fire‘ is a relevant romantic drama by Joel Schumacher, featuring the biggest names in the offing towards Hollywood at that time. Emilio Estevez, Rob Lowe, Andrew McCarthy, Demi Moore, Judd Nelson, Ally Sheedy, Andie McDowell star in this classic movie about growing up and the confusion that happens when you reach adulthood.

6. The Lovers

The Lovers‘ is an exciting, laughable, and romantic movie depicting extra-marital affairs, which evolved into intra-marital one. Mary (Debrah Winger) and Michael (Tracy Letts) are married but unhappy couples, both openly cheating. Then something funny happens while they were working for divorce.

5. The Big Sick

The Big Sick‘ is a true-to-life story of the actor-comedian Kumail Nanjiani seeing and falling for his wife, named Emily (played by Zoe Kazan). The couple’s courtship process seemed difficult as Kumail’s family tried pressuring him into finding a cordial Pakistani girl to marry. The Big Sick is a luminous vision of stellar people and an incredible love story, not missing a moment of laughter.

4. She’s All That

The movie that spawned the parody  ‘Not Another Teen Movie’, ‘She’s All That‘ was the 90’s movie to watch for. It has a perfect high school storyline starring a geeky-nerdy girl who was being bullied for being different until a bet put her at the center of the schools popular crowd. It’s not the most artistic of movies on this list, but it is one of the most feel good movies and if you happen to be a 90’s kid it’ll bring back all the nostalgic feels.

3. Hitch

Will Smith is the best choice to play the lead in ‘Hitch‘. He plays as the titular Hitch, matchmaker. Hitch was tasked to help Albert Brennaman (Kevin James) pursue his dream girl, yet Hitch found himself falling for gossip writer Sara (Eva Mendes). It is a funny film with sweetness incorporated.

2. Titanic

Titanic‘ sets the record of being one of the highest grossing films of all time, ranked second.  The setting is all about the Titanic ship sinking. With the genius mind of director James Cameron, a pretty convincing and emotional love story between poor Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) and high society Rose (Kate Winslet) has made Titanic a classic when it comes to romantic movies.

1. Revolutionary Road

Dating back to 1948, ‘Revolutionary Road‘ is a romantic-drama, uniting Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, playing Frank and April Wheeler. The couple lives happily with an unimaginable secret: both are unhappy in marriage. Revolutionary Road is “revolutionary,” in a way it searches for unhappiness that has been buried under idealistic romance. The film prides itself of sadness and probes the solutions.

Watch all these movies on Amazon Prime.

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Top 10 Great Movies About Nothing // // Mon, 01 Jan 2018 10:50:16 +0000 // Of course, people need a story to relate to what they are watching or else there will be a connection from the audience to the film whatsoever. Let’s take a look at these top ten movies about nothing.

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There are lots of great films in the industry that make sense and could easily provoke certain feelings, movies that can inspire and simply reflect different stories. But not all films are created for the same purpose; some are just done out of fun or let’s say for the sake of art. Of course, people need a story to relate to what they are watching or else there will be a connection from the audience to the film whatsoever. Let’s take a look at these top ten plotless movies.

10. EraserheadEraserhead-Films About Nothing

This film may not make sense for most audiences, but it’s quite relatable since it’s about the pressure of coping with life responsibilities and the difficulties of childbirth. Although the humor mixed with the sinister and disturbing turn surely makes it a bit more of a non-sense rather than a logical film.

9. Lost in Translation

Lost In Translation-Films About Nothing

This movie is quite romantic as the two characters in this film got to know one another in Tokyo wherein they began hanging out to ease that feeling of loneliness from being out in a foreign country where there can be a lot of issues including language and social barriers. This film, however, doesn’t have any particular story which makes it more like a film about a certain experience of meeting a friend on the other side of the globe.

8. Dazed and confused

Dazed and Confused Movies About Nothing

This movie sets back from the 70’s which shows the typical teens, or maybe the type of teens which are more rebellious that time. You can get that old school vibe from their trend not only through their outfits but on how they act in a weird sense of humor which is practically funny that time if you’re a cool kid. There’s nothing more to it really than jokes and comedy stuff which make it seems more fun to watch

7. Slacker

Slacker-Movies About Nothing

This film sets about the usual lives of different characters which make this film unique and out of the ordinary, although it still doesn’t make any sense, maybe it’s all about the art of being creative and original but to be fair, it did have an interesting content that may or may not actually mean anything but some may argue that each conversation that happened in the movie brings out different ideas if you only pay attention to the sequence, that is if you don’t get bored at the beginning.

6. Napoleon Dynamite

Napolean Dynamite-Films About Nothing

This film may have been created without much of a plot, to begin with, but this film is adorable.  Before Diary of a Wimpy Kid, you have Napoleon Dynamite as significant nerd character in a movie, but it says a lot about high school and all the weird things that happen or just how bizarre everyone can be but in an exciting way.

5. Clerks

Clerks-Movies About Nothing

The joy of working in a convenience store, well it shows some good insights about how life can be for even a regular cashier holder. This film is about a group of people who works in a shop and talks a lot during their breaks but it also contains series of conversations regarding having less ambitions in life or making the wrong choices. This film is essentially plotless in nature but it did a great job of portraying the characters and did them justice.

4. Un Chien Andalou

Un Chien Andelou - Movies About Nothing

This is a film from the late-twenties about absolutely nothing. Featuring a series of events which does not have any connection with each other and some weird and disturbing scenes that leave the audience wondering what this movie is trying to accomplish.  However, it is said that this film doesn’t have any plot but rather a sequence of events that make up a dream which is kinda cool because dreams are weird even in reality.

3. Inside Llewin Davis

Inside Llewyn Davis Movies About Nothing

This movie is about a folk singer who can’t seem to find his way into the industry. The character’s dream of becoming an artist has always been a struggle since his personal life seems to be getting in the way and the more he tries, the more he fails, but the more he discovers things about himself. This film goes through many different tracks because of its lack of plot but it actually works for this film.

2. Her

Her-Movies About Nothing

This film opened our hearts towards love and relationship, what’s weird though is that the character fell in love with his operating system, so the story goes on with their romantic scenes or actually just conversations, despite having lack of plot, this movie is still captivating in many different ways that shows how human emotions cannot be fully manifested in technology.

1. The Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club- Movies About Nothing

Detention doesn’t get very dramatic until you meet different people with different stories. As the characters in this film try to reflect on themselves while they receive detention for different reasons, this movie is one of the best plotless movies of all time simply because it tells you something that you need to discover for yourself in order to relate with what others are feeling or experiencing simply putting yourselves in their shoe. In the end, nothing change, but they were able to reflect like regular individuals would.


That’s our list. Is there any movie you would add to this list? If so let us know in the comments below.

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Year-End Round-Up: Worst Movies of 2017 // // Fri, 29 Dec 2017 08:47:34 +0000 // 2017 was a relatively good year for movies. There were several DC features, a few indie flicks and even an animated movie that made it to the top rated list of Rotten Tomatoes. It was diverse and exciting. With that said, there were also some stinkers. If you do not

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2017 was a relatively good year for movies. There were several DC features, a few indie flicks and even an animated movie that made it to the top rated list of Rotten Tomatoes. It was diverse and exciting.

With that said, there were also some stinkers. If you do not have anything to do to ring in the new year, below is round-up of the worst movies of 2017 according to Rotten Tomatoes. Enjoy:

# 5 Emoji Movie

Emoji Movie Worst Movies 2017

Most critics expected this particular film to top every worst movie list at the year’s close. Top 5 for this movie is unprecedented considering how abysmal most critics consider this feature to be.

From the characters to the plot, there was no question why it earned a 9% on the aggregator site. Critics panned the movie explaining how it was gratuitous, tone-deaf and a perfect example of how Hollywood panders to its audience.

#4 The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature

Nut Job 2 Worst Movies 2017

Despite its witty title, nothing can salvage The Nut Job 2: Nutty By Nature which rings in at 9%. This rating shouldn’t be surprising considering the 11% rating The Nut Job, the series’ first installment, received in 2014 when it came out.

The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature suffers from the ills of most sequels – poor storytelling and pandering plot. With hope, the franchise doesn’t get the third movie. Moviegoers deserve as much.

# 3 Rings

Rings - Worst Movies 2017

Unlike The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature, producing Rings as a franchise revival to The Ring makes sense. The 2002 movie, after all, was relatively well received garnering a respectable 72% on the aggregator website. Unfortunately, Rings, which earned an embarrassing 7%, failed to get the same reception as the Naomi Watts original.

According to critics, the movie doesn’t offer anything new – at least not enough to revive the franchise. There is a videotape, a person who watches it and a threat of death after seven days. If you have seen the last few movies in this franchise, you have probably seen it all.

# 2 Tyler Perry’s Boo! 2: A Madea Halloween

Tyler Perry Boo 2-Worst Movies 2017

Tyler Perry’s claim to fame is undoubtedly his Madea movies. A jury is still out on whether this is a good or a bad thing for his career. Nevertheless, critics agree that the recent installment, Tyler Perry’s Boo! 2: A Madea Halloween, is at the bottom of the barrel scoring a 6% on Rotten Tomatoes.

People who typically enjoy Madea movies agree that most films in the franchise aren’t funny when the titular character is not on screen. However, with the latest Halloween themed movie, not even Madea can save the contrived plot.

# 1 Just Getting Started

Just Getting Started-Worst Movies 2017

One can assume that Morgan Freeman and Tommy Lee Jones in one feature ensures that that feature doesn’t end up in lists like this. Well, we all thought wrong.

At 5% on Rotten Tomatoes, most critics agree that this film wasted decades worth of Jones’ and Freeman’s perfect acting experience. They panned it as lazy, unfunny and unnecessary and that’s why it tops our list as one of the worst movies of 2017.

Is there anything you’d add to the list? Let us know in the comments below.

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Year-End Round-Up: Top 5 Gaming Moments in 2017 // // Tue, 26 Dec 2017 23:58:32 +0000 // Here are our top 5 gaming moments of 2017.

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2017 is about to wrap up – probably to the delight of a lot of emotionally exhausted people. To say that the year has been draining is a bit of an understatement. It was a bombardment of questionable changes one after the other even in the gaming world.

Though there are highlights that are worthy to look back on especially if you are a gamer. If you are looking to remember 2017 fondly, below are 2017’s top 5 gaming moments:

#5 Wolfstein II – The Beheading

2017 Top Gaming Moments - Beheading

There is no denying the scene people remember the most in MachineGames’ Wolfstein II is the beheading B.J. Blazkowicz. What’s even more memorable is how alternate history of the game was used in order to advance the plot with the beheaded character alive and well without even missing a beat.

#4 The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wind: The Master Sword

2017 Top Gaming Moments - Breath of The Wild Zelda

Memorable moments are created sometimes when you have worked hard in order to achieve them. Pulling the Master Sword is probably the perfect gaming example of this truth. For one, it is difficult to pick out a memorable moment in open world games since it’s based on the player’s unique choices. Moreover, some people can play Legend of Zelda without even chancing upon the mythical sword.

It is hard work and worthy to be remembered.

#3 Super Mario Odyssey: The New Donk City Festival

2017 Gaming Moments - New Donk City

Super Mario is iconic. The mere fact that the game transcends generations is something that a lot of people can be nostalgic about. This statement is truest for Super Mario Odyssey especially during The New Donk City Festival.

This sequence involves jazz and 8-bit retro Super Mario – need anyone say more.

#2 Nier: Automata: Deleting Your Progress

Automoto Top Gaming Moments

Rarely does a game invoke a question of a player’s humanity. Rare apparently comes in the form of Nier: Automata.

In one of the game’s endings, the player would have to fight against ships in a classic shooter sequence. At a losing point, an AI would arrive in order to help you win the battle. Once completed, he or she is informed that someone chose to delete their data in order to provide assistance. The player is then offered the choice to do the same for another.

This game poses the question of whether sharing a feeling of accomplishment with another player trumps how much a person values digital progress.

#1 What Remain of Edith Finch: The Fish Day Dream

Top Gaming Moments 2017 -  What Remains of Edith Finch

There is a lot to be said about games that can combine gameplay with the story sequence. This particular scene is arguably the perfect marriage of both.

As Lewis Finch, the player is tasked to move a fish from one side of the space to another. As the character is doing this menial task, he starts to daydream. Soon reality and fantasy start merging and the player ends up having to do tasks in reality in order to resolve fantasy.

This interactive sequence tops the list because the player is integrated with the story via gameplay. They understand and are fully immersed in the moment – every gamer’s dream.

What were your top gaming moments of 2017? Leave your answers in the comments below.


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The Top Ten Black Mirror Episodes // // Fri, 22 Dec 2017 09:02:25 +0000 // If you think modern technology is turning people into isolated nonsensical idiots, wait until you see these top ten episodes of the Netflix series, Black Mirror. This show tackles a dire subject that is relevant to the current advancement of new media and technology and how it has evolved throughout

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If you think modern technology is turning people into isolated nonsensical idiots, wait until you see these top ten episodes of the Netflix series, Black Mirror. This show tackles a dire subject that is relevant to the current advancement of new media and technology and how it has evolved throughout the years. The fast-paced progress could be suggesting the future of all human beings and how it will affect the society.

In this series, the world crumbles as it seems like humans are being subjected by their creations; technology has turned everything from a mobile base world into a virtual reality lifestyle and things that we can only imagine in a dystopian society.

The series provide us some insight on how we can moderate our consumption of the modern technology including the use of apps, social media, and search engines on our daily basis. So without further ado, here are the top ten highlight episodes of the Black Mirror series, not to mention the spoilers coming your way.

10. Hated in the Nation

This episode features two detectives working to solve multiple murder cases related to social media. This episode shows how Social Media violence could get very serious in the future. We all know that haters can flood our social media posts and it can almost instantly initiate fights and arguments that involve harsh words and could even lead to blackmailing, this is more serious and more common with social media fan-bases which compare different icons or personalities which leads to more personal arguments. This episode says it all about the internet’s greatest battlefield as the crime turns into a reality.

9. The Waldo Moment

Ever been inspired by an animated character, especially the ones who have a great sense of humor? This episode features a bear cartoon character that makes insensitive jokes about people and specific events including political figures. As the story progresses, Waldo ran for the election, and people found it quite funny but turns out, even the funniest things can get the best out of people’s mind. The man who voices Waldo then decided to speak up and told people not to vote for him because he was worried about winning the election as a fictional character which will be absurd, but there are those people who would gladly take the role and all the benefit that they can get from Waldo. Some even compare Waldo with the US president; Donald Trump who won the election despite not having any political background.

8. Fifteen Million Merits

7. White Christmas

This episode is a holiday special of the series; there are three separate episodes with different plot twists each which are linked together until the final revelation was made at the last part. The most interesting part in this episode is the ability to block people in real life, although I would say that let’s just keep the blocking thing in social media, it’s way creepier seeing a blurry white figure of a person after you just blocked him in your life.

6. Shut Up and Dance

In this episode, a teenage boy found himself being blackmailed by an internet troll who asked him to do certain tasks or he will be humiliated in public by releasing a video of him doing sexual practice in front of his webcam. Well, you don’t have to wait for this to happen because it is already a major issue nowadays, predators who take advantage of young people, exploiting them publicly for the sake of their satisfaction. This will surely remind everyone, especially children, to never trust any stranger especially the people you just met on the internet.

5. Be Right Back

Who wouldn’t want to spend more time with their loved ones, especially those who are already gone? In this episode, a woman who lost her live-in boyfriend finds herself talking to an “alternative,” because of her grief, her friend recommended her to try an online app where you can talk to your deceased loved ones, and even bring them back to life. But it turns out; imitations are not the same as reality. You can fake people, their appearance, and their voice, but you can never copy their emotions and feelings, the character has to learn that the hard way and found herself tormented by the presence of her dead boyfriend.

4. National Anthem

In this episode, a member of the royal family has been kidnapped, but the ransom isn’t just money, but also public humiliation out of the Prime Minister and that is by having sex with a live a pig. The public responded quickly saying that he should do it practically for the princess’s safety because the kidnappers threatened to execute her if he doesn’t follow. The Prime Minister then makes one of the hardest decisions he will ever make in his entire life.

3. Nosedive

Much like Twitter and Instagram followers and YouTube subscribers, people could get very obsessed with their social media popularity. In fact, they find more time trying to figure out how they can increase their followers instead of how they can make actual friends in real life. In this episode, social class is no longer defined by wealth and earnings; it is now standardized by a person’s social media popularity. Those who have high followers are considered as the elites and those who don’t; well let’s just say that they are like the high school losers. But in reality, it’s also becoming such a serious matter which brings to a lot deeper discussions.

2. The Entire History of You

Have you ever wished to go back to a particular point in your life and just start reliving your past? Be careful what you wish for because things might turn into a disaster once you do. In this episode, a particular device is installed to the character to document his whole life so that he can always watch what happened in the past. However, the man in this episode suspected that his wife was cheating on her after he revisited some of their past gatherings with their friends. This suspicion turns into an obsession which then revealed something he wasn’t ready to know.

1. San Junipero

This episode was the top pick because of its heart-warming story. In this episode, a virtual reality place called San Junipero brings people back to the 80’s. At some point, two people met at the wrong time and maybe a little too late. In this episode, two women met and instantly fall in love with one another, but there is a bit of a shock in this episode as these women are no longer living in the 80’s.  You could only guess what is coming your way ’cause we spoiled some of the best parts for you.

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Top 10 Nostalgic Christmas Levels // // Fri, 22 Dec 2017 00:41:17 +0000 // It’s that time of year again folks: Christmas! Sleigh bells are ringin’, snow is glistenin’, and in an alternate universe, Batman is delivering presents to children all over the world. But we’re not here to talk about the side-gigs of a Batman who’s clearly had difficulty finding jobs when crime-rates are

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It’s that time of year again folks: Christmas! Sleigh bells are ringin’, snow is glistenin’, and in an alternate universe, Batman is delivering presents to children all over the world.

But we’re not here to talk about the side-gigs of a Batman who’s clearly had difficulty finding jobs when crime-rates are low. No, today we’re looking at the history of Christmas themed levels in video games. (Because what better time is there to reminisce fondly and get drunk on eggnog…or is that just me?) Here are my top 10 nostalgic Christmas levels in video games.

10) Clay Fighter 63 1/3 – Santa’s Workshop

Clay Fighter 63 1/3 may not have been the most popular game to come out for the Nintendo 64. However, for some reason, this strange game has always stood out in my memory. Maybe it was the clever use of clay animation. Maybe the gameplay was legitimately impressive. Or maybe it was because you could beat the crap out of a killer clown as a sumo wrestler Santa. Yah…that was probably it.

9) Home Alone 2: Lost in New York

Yes, the “sort-of-Christmas” movie officially received a “sort-of-Christmas” game for the Super Nintendo. Does anyone else remember this fever dream of a video game? In the opening level, you could be defeated by bouncing luggage. BOUNCING LUGGAGE. The insanity doesn’t end there though. See that screenshot? Nothing unusual there, right? Just an adolescent boy pointing a boxing-glove-mounted rocket launcher at an enemy inside a gigantic Christmas tree. If that doesn’t get you in the spirit of the season I don’t know what will.

8) Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko – Holiday Broadcasting

Confession time guys…I didn’t actually play the third Gex game. In fact, I’d forgotten there even was a third one. I did, however, play the original Gex game so much that his puns still haunt my dreams to this day. After checking out this level though I have to admit it’s as Christmas-themed as Christmas levels get. I dare you to be more “holly-jolly” than Frosty the Snowman in a Santa suit next to a giant candy cane. If you remember this level fondly then be sure to tell me what I missed out on in the comments.

7) Batman Returns

Okay, seriously – what is it with the Christmas-themed levels centered around beating up clowns? Is that a theme I never recognized? Was a developer really traumatized by the movie IT? In any case, at least in this game, you get to play the caped crusader, Batman, instead of a shirtless Santa Claus. Or is this the universe where Batman is Old St. Nick? It’s so hard to keep track.

6) Guitar Hero 3 – We Three Kings


I don’t care if I’m technically cheating on this one. The amount of time I spent shredding on a fake guitar to this song could fill up a world tour (and make Van Halen cringe). And because of that, I’m including this “level” on the list. I mean the first two buttons on the screen are green and red. That’s as Christmasy as it gets, right?

5) Mario Kart 64 – Frappe Snowland

Stop calling me a cheater! This is definitely a Christmas level! You’ve got snow; you’ve got jolly music; you’ve got snowmen you wish would burn in Hell. Surely, I’m not the only one who hated that section either. An army of snowmen as far as the rendering can see…staring at you…watching…waiting. Then BAM! One slip-up and Frosty sends you from first place back to sixth. I’ll take a blue shell any day.

4) Diddy Kong Racing – Frosty Village

Sticking with the theme of old-school racing games it’s hard not to include this level from Diddy Kong Racing. Mario Kart may be up for debate, but this one is without a doubt based on Christmas. Just look at those trees covered in colored lights. Don’t you just want to cozy up in that house with a cup of hot chocolate? The best thing about this level though: the music. Seriously, if you haven’t heard the soundtrack to this level stop reading and check it out right now.

3) Super Mario 64 – Snowman’s Land

I admit it. See that snowman in the picture? Remind you of anything? I included this level purely because you can take revenge on those demonic snowmen from Mario Kart. I don’t care that they aren’t technically the same villain. Revenge has never tasted sweeter…muahahahaha!

Oh yeah. And the level is snowy and stuff…


2) Kingdom Hearts 2 – Halloween Town

Do I really need to explain why this one is on the list? If you’ve seen Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas then you should have a clear idea of how this level plays out. In the above picture, you can see Jack Skellington dressed in a Santa suit and carrying several presents. That’s right – Jack is up to his old tricks trying to take charge of Christmas. There’s even a portion of the level that takes place at Santa’s workshop! As a long-time fan of both the movie and this game series this level really makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside…despite all the enemies literally trying to steal your heart.

1)Banjo-Kazooie – Freezeezy Peak

A lot of you probably saw this coming. Of course, Freezeezy Peak had to be number one on the list. Just look at that environment from one picture alone! Giant Christmas tree, living snowmen, snow everywhere – the scene screams Christmas. There’s even more than that though: a giant snowman you can climb, stacks of wrapped-up gifts, and even three anthropomorphic polar bear cubs you have to collect presents for.

As December 25th steadily approaches, now may be a good time to dust off your old game consoles and give these games a try. While the gameplay may be a bit dated, if you’re really feeling the Christmas spirit lately you’re sure to have an absolute blast.

And don’t forget if you’re in the Christmas mood we also made a list of the top 10 Christmas movies of all time! 

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These Cuphead Remixes Will Blow Your Mind! // // Fri, 22 Dec 2017 00:24:31 +0000 // There’s something you should know about me: I’m a very music-minded person. If you look down on my bio page you may notice I even graduated with a full-on degree in the field. (A moment of silence for my fellow music majors still working on juries/recitals). I bring this up

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There’s something you should know about me: I’m a very music-minded person. If you look down on my bio page you may notice I even graduated with a full-on degree in the field. (A moment of silence for my fellow music majors still working on juries/recitals).

I bring this up to emphasize that I love amazing video game soundtracks. When a game studio really puts the time and effort towards making beautiful music it really shows. Go to Comic-Con,  whistle any tune from Ocarina of Time, and watch as everyone clambers around in nostalgic glee. Or stare at you. Probably a bit of both.

Recently, there’s been one soundtrack that I just can’t get out of my head. Studio MDHR’s Cuphead is a nice throwback to the jazzy musical stylings of the 1930’s. What’s amazing is how spot-on the music fits the theme of the game – which is inspired by old-timey cartoons from the same era. The gameplay looks fun and all, but I’m telling you…buy the game for the soundtrack alone!

Don’t just take my word for it either. Remixes and fan covers of songs from the game have already flooded YouTube. (Believe me, I’ve searched).

So, to save you guys some time, I’ve compiled a quick list of my personal favorites down below. These videos reflect not only the love fans have for the game, but also the effort the developers put into the music itself. Trust me…you’re going to like what you hear.

1) Die House

2) Railroad Wrath

3) Clip Joint Calamity

4) Boss Themes Piano Medley

5) Murine Corps

Cuphead is available on Steam and Xbox One.

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The Top 10 Christmas Movies Of All Time // // Fri, 15 Dec 2017 00:34:47 +0000 // This is the time of the year to hang all your favorite festive decorations, do Christmas shopping and, of course, watch great movies that remind you how wonderful this season is.But which ones would we rank as our top picks? Here’s a list of our top 10 favorite holiday movies

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This is the time of the year to hang all your favorite festive decorations, do Christmas shopping and, of course, watch great movies that remind you how wonderful this season is.But which ones would we rank as our top picks? Here’s a list of our top 10 favorite holiday movies of all time.

10. Bad Santa

Bad Santa Top Christmas Movie

This could surprise you, but Billy Bob Thornton’s “Bad Santa” finds a place on our list. The movie is not for the whole family mainly because Billy Bob Thornton plays a sex-crazed, alcoholic Santa in the film. He said that this movie is for people who are fed up with the whole family attitude toward Christmas. The exciting thing about ‘Bad Santa’ was that Bill Murray was supposed to play Santa. And the Coen brothers were supposed to be directing it. And we’re sure that Bill Murray could have done something amazing with it. But the fact is, this is one of Billy Bob Thornton’s key roles and to watch him just pass out somewhere kind of help brings the entire idea of Christmas back to reality, which is a welcome change for the average family-friendly affair.

9. ‘Miracle on 34th Street’

Miracle on 34th Street Top Christmas Movie

We recommend the 1947 version which won numerous Academy Awards. Think about it this is the only movie where an actor (Edmund Gwen) who played Santa Claus and called himself Kris Kringle and won an Academy Award for playing it.

(Side note we did also like the 1994 re-make, but it doesn’t always give you the same charm that the original does).

8. The Best Man Holiday

Best Man Holiday - Top Christmas Movies

The cast of this movie is composed of Taye Diggs, Nia Long, Regina Hall and Morris Chestnut. We like this movie because it’s a different kind of Christmas movie and it works. Plus it has some great comedic moments which you don’t always get from Christmas movies.

7. The Nightmare Before Christmas

Nightmare Before Christmas Top Christmas Movie

We know, we know some people consider this a Halloween movie you guys can argue that in the comments below, but overall
“The Nightmare Before Christmas” makes our list because we can see Christmas bashing up against Halloween which is amazing because they are two different kinds of spirits. Jack Skellington is a guy who loves the idea of Christmas because it’s the antithesis to Halloween and there is something very endearing about that.

6. Elf

Elf - Top Christmas Movie

This is a beautiful piece of comedy. It first aired in 2003 to a lot of skepticism. Buddy (Will Ferrel) is a guy who is a human and believes he is an elf, but he is somehow taken to the North Pole, where he doesn’t fit at all, and this idea eventually catches up to him, and he finds himself back in the land of humans, many of whom think Santa is fake, and then all the hijinks ensue including a romance for Buddy. It’s really a light-hearted movie that is great for all ages.

5. Home Alone

Home Alone Top Christmas Movie

Of course the classic ’90s film “Home Alone” should have a spot on this list. This movie is timeless, we know we grew up with it, and even when we re-watch it today, it still feels like it’s new even though the plot probably wouldn’t work in today’s tech-obsessed world. But the fact that kid get’s left home alone because his family is too busy to notice him missing is genius and then you add the element of two bumbling idiot criminals going against a smart-aleck kid, and somehow it just works.

4. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

National Lampoon Christmas Vacation

The comedy classic “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” has to be on our list. How can you not like the Griswold family with Chevy Chase and Beverly D’Angelo as the matriarchs and all their children? This movie is probably the best out of the National Lampoon franchise, but we will always have a soft sport for Family Vacation and Vegas Vacation as well.

3. ‘Scrooge’ and ‘Scrooged’

Scrooged-Top Christmas Movie

these films centering on Charles Dickens‘ “A Christmas Carol” tie on our list. It’s a tie because the two actors in this were the best people who ever played Ebenezer Scrooge.
Alastair Sim played the titular role in 1951’s “Scrooge,” and we have to say there’s probably nothing closer to Dicken’s described Scrooge than Alastair Sim’s performance in this.
Then, of course, you have Bill Murray’s portrayal of the character managed to update this Dicken’s tale into corporate life and made it into something contemporary that’s believable in today’s world of “hustle mode on”. Both tales, of course, tell you the same story, but each one says it in a way that makes you believe that this is a tale that could very much happen in real life.

2. A Charlie Brown Christmas

Top Christmas Movie-Charlie Brown Christmas

This is the only animated film on our list. Is it because it’s played year after year like clockwork? Eh, maybe, but it’s played every year because it is a kid-friendly classic that tells a heartwarming tale about a boy who is depressed by all the commercialism around Christmas, but in the end finds the true meaning again and realizes that his friends do love him. It’s a bittersweet animation that Charle’s M. Shulz brought to life initially through comic strips and then right to our tv’s where we can watch it year after year. Especially since ABC has the rights and if there’s anything ABC knows it’s how to milk something, but in this case, we’re glad because we genuinely love this animated movie even if the animation is older than we are.1. A Christmas Story

1. A Christmas Story

A Christmas Story Top Christmas Movie

How can an “A Christmas Story” starring actor Peter Billingsley as Ralphie not be in the top spot? It’s a movie that we all know so well and stars a kid on a mission to get the one thing he wants this year Red Ryder Carbine-Action 200-shot Range Model air rifle. It’s a Christmas classic that you can’t miss and when you hear the words “You’ll shoot your eye out kid” you know that Christmas is really here.

What do you think of our list? Agree or disagree? Should we add A Christmas Prince to it? Let us know in the comments below.

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These Are The Don’t Miss Holiday TV Specials of 2017 // // Mon, 04 Dec 2017 02:04:11 +0000 Christmas is everyone’s favourite holiday and its right around the corner and along with it some of our classic Christmas TV watching traditions along with some new ones as well. This year, like last, will be kicked off by the Hallmark and Hallmark Movie channels who will lead the show

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Christmas is everyone’s favourite holiday and its right around the corner and along with it some of our classic Christmas TV watching traditions along with some new ones as well.

This year, like last, will be kicked off by the Hallmark and Hallmark Movie channels who will lead the show with their made for tv movie “Countdown to Christmas”, bringing a storm of Yule-themed movies with titles such as “Romance At Reindeer Lodge” (on Dec.17, 8 p.m). This year’s cheerful cast includes personalities like Alison Sweeney, Dermot Mulroney, Holly Robinson Peete and Jesse Metcalfe, making sure that each film brings more warmth than the last.

And sure enough like every other year, there will be a “25 Days of Christmas” by Freeform, while Lifetime, UP and Ion bring to us movies that will make you feel as warm as a Christmas chimney and a cup of hot chocolate. And of course, you can’t miss Spike Lee’s ‘She’s Gotta Have It‘ which hits Netflix at the right time.

And, of course, our regular shows also have pre-planned Christmas episodes, from “Bob’s Burgers” to “Will & Grace“, and of course the annual  “Doctor Who“, Christmas special.  Even CBS dips into a 61-year-old vault for a special “I Love Lucy” Christmas episode.

Fox this year is going all out with a live three-hour presentation of Jean Shepherd’s “A Christmas Story” (Dec. 17, 7 p.m), starring Matthew Broderick as grownup Ralphie.

Be sure to have your ammunition ready for this special!

And of course here is our guide to the rest of the can’t miss Holiday TV cheer!

Sunday, Nov. 26:

Switched for Christmas,” on Hallmark, 8 p.m. A movie with Candace Cameron Bure of “Full House” fame.

A Very Merry Toy Store,” Lifetime, 8 p.m. A movie starring Melissa Joan Hart and Mario Lopez.
Snowman,” Ion, 9 p.m. A movie starring Jesse Hutch and Ashley Newbrough.

Monday, Nov. 27:

CMA Country Christmas,” ABC, 8 p.m. brings us two hours of Santa and twang.
Angry Angel,” Freeform, 9 p.m.  This is a Movie with Jason Biggs and Brenda Song.
A Very Pentatonix Christmas,” NBC, 10 p.m. A Capella vocal masters, with guest Jennifer Hudson.

Tuesday, Nov. 28:

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer,” CBS, 8 p.m. Christmas just wouldn’t be the same without the yearly viewing of the 1964 stop-motion animated special that has captivated the hearts of many.

Wednesday, Nov. 29:

Christmas in Rockefeller Center,” NBC, 8 p.m. Hosted by “Today” show anchors including  Al Roker, this year’s tree lighting ceremony features special performances by artists such as Brett Eldredge, Jennifer Nettles, Leslie Odom Jr., Pentatonix, Gwen Stefani and The Tenors.

Friday, Dec. 1:

Masters of Illusion: Christmas Magic,” The CW, 9 p.m. Magicians and a Christmas choir performance

Monday, Dec. 4:

National Christmas Tree Lighting,” on Hallmark, 7 p.m. Entertainers such as Dean Cain, Wynonna and The Beach Boys will help celebrate the lighting of the tree just outside the White House.

The Great Christmas Light Fight,” ABC, 8 p.m. Five seasons and despite their best efforts, they still haven’t shut down the national power grid.

Tuesday, Dec. 5:

Will & Grace,” Christmas episode special, NBC, 9 p.m.
Superstore,” Christmas episode special, NBC, 9:30 p.m.

Friday, Dec. 8:

The Great British Baking Show,” PBS, 9 p.m. We don´t mean to take sides, but if you watch only one-holiday show, search no more.

Sunday, Dec. 10:
Bob’s Burgers,” Fox, 8:30 p.m. An Hour-long episode.
Family Guy,” Fox, 9:30 p.m. An Hour-long episode.

Tuesday, Dec. 12:

Greatest Holiday Commercials Countdown,” the CW, 8 p.m.
Gwen Stefani: You Make it Feel Like Christmas,” NBC, 9 p.m.

Friday, Dec. 15:

The 86th Annual Hollywood Christmas Parade,” The CW, 8 p.m.

Sunday, Dec. 17:

A Christmas Story,” On Fox, 7 p.m. The three-hour production will also star Maya Rudolph, Jane Krakowski, Chris Diamantopoulos and newcomer Andy Walken as young Ralphie.
Last Tango in Halifax,” PBS, 9 p.m. The holiday episodes of this charming British comedy-drama series starring Derek Jacobi and Anne Reid will be shown in two parts, the second airing on Dec. 24

I Love Lucy Christmas
Courtesy of CBS

Friday, Dec. 22:

I Love Lucy Christmas Specials,” CBS, 8 p.m. This year it’s going to be the December 1956 Christmas special, stitched into “The Fashion Show” from February 1955. Tread lightly though: They’ve been colourized.

Sunday, Dec. 24:

The Yule Log,” the original 1966 edition, WPIX-TV (Ch. 11), 6-7 p.m.
It’s A Wonderful Life,” NBC, 8 p.m. The 1946 classic that stars Jimmy Stewart as George Bailey reminding us all that “Each man’s life touches so many other lives.”

Monday, Dec. 25:

“The Yule Log,” 1970 edition, WPIX-TV, 9 a.m.-1 p.m.
When Calls the Heart Christmas,” Hallmark, 8 p.m. This 2-hour Christmas special will be the one to kick off the fifth season of drama series “When Calls the Heart,” featuring show regulars Erin Krakow, Lori Loughlin, Daniel Lissing and Jack Wagner.
Call the Midwife Christmas Special,” PBS, 9 p.m. Another regular holiday tradition.
Doctor Who: Twice Upon a Time,” BBC America, 9 p.m. An hour-long Christmas special.

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5 Best Ways To Save Money With A Smart Home // // Wed, 29 Nov 2017 20:47:34 +0000 Having a smart home in today’s world is not only pretty, it's functional, helpful and can help you save money.

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(Picture Credit: Gabriel Higgins)

Having a smart home in today’s world is not only pretty, it’s functional, helpful and can help you save money. Most people who come to my home make jokes and ask me how high my electric bill is. I have a lot of technology so you might expect that I have a high electric bill. People seem confused when I tell them, “I pay less than most people.” Having a smart home can reduce your electric bill, add beauty to your home and be more fun than you would expect.

The light bulbs I use to power my bedroom are all LED made by Phillips Hue. These LED bulbs are only 10 watts but produce 800 lumens of light which is equivalent to a standard 60-watt light bulb. Per common math every 6 bulbs I have is equivalent to 1 standard light bulb. LED light bulbs also generate quite a bit less heat and are cool to the touch.

(Picture Credit: Gabriel Higgins)

Here are the 5 best ways to save money with a smart home:

  1. Replace standard 60-watt bulbs with LED bulbs. The initial investment is rather expensive, but you will save in the long run. The light bulbs go 50,000 hours before having to be replaced.
  2. Equipping your home with a nest thermostat can help save you money, provide clean aesthetics, and allow you to control your cooling and heating from the comfort of your home.
  3. Having a digital assistant is not only fun but can help you control all your wireless devices with voice activation. I can tell google to turn on the air, dim the lights and even control my TV! Digital assistants consist of the Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and even Cortana and Siri.
  4. Installing a doorbell camera is a great way to check on delivered packages and keep an eye on your apartment. Digital doorbells can be battery operated or installed with a low voltage wire. When someone approaches your door, it sends a notification to your phone as well as when they ring the bell. With my digital doorbell I have less to worry about when my packages get delivered.
  5. Finally, but not least, Harmony Hub. Harmony hub is the best way to control your TV with your digital assistant. Harmony hub paired with Logitech and Google means I no longer have to get up to do anything! I can turn on and off the TV and sound bar. Cast and stream music and TV and control pretty much everything electronic in my house without having to move.
(Picture Credit: Gabriel Higgins)

Some people may not see the value in a smart home, but it really can save you money, time and stress. I can turn my home lights and air conditioning or heat off or on from work or while traveling. I can see when a package arrives at my door and ask a neighbor to keep it safe till I get home. I save money on electricity and even get rebates from my local electric company for owning a Nest.

Do you have any suggestion on how to save money with smart home devices? I’d love to hear what you have to say in the comments below.

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12 Obscure Star Wars Gifts That Every Fan Should Have // // Sat, 25 Nov 2017 22:27:22 +0000 Do you have a Star Wars fan in your life that you need a gift for this holiday season? No worries we’ve got you covered. 1. The Star Wars Character Encyclopedia Who’s that big, chin-tusked guy hanging out with a First Order spy in Maz’s castle? Who are the red-helmeted

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Do you have a Star Wars fan in your life that you need a gift for this holiday season? No worries we’ve got you covered.

1. The Star Wars Character Encyclopedia

The Star Wars Character Encylopedia

Who’s that big, chin-tusked guy hanging out with a First Order spy in Maz’s castle? Who are the red-helmeted enforcers in the Guavian Death Squad? What’s the story behind Kylo Ren’s mask? There’s a way to get all the intel you need on the new heroes, villains, creatures, and droids and that’s with this Encylopedia. Any die-hard fan knows there have been dozens of these throughout the years, but this is probably one of the most up to date ones yet, and it’s sure to be an excellent addition to any collectors arsenal of paraphernalia.


2.Tauntaun Sleeping Bag

Star Wars Gfts- Tauntaun Sleeping Bag

Next time you are on Hoth be sure to take this sleeping bag with you to protect you from the snowy tundra. With that said this might be one of the more ridiculous gifts one could get or receive, but it’s also one of the more obscure and fun items one could get.

3.Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Star Wars Gifts- lego Star Wars-The Force Awakens

As we wait for The Last Jedi, we might as well catch up on The Force Awakens. PS4 has an array of Star Wars games for the person who wants to immerse themselves in Star Wars fully. Also, we would recommend the new Battlefront, but right now EA didn’t have the best time releasing the newest one, and we’re still a bit bummed, but it’s okay we’ll deal.

4. Star Wars BB-8 Waffle Maker

BB-8 Star Wars Waffle Maker

Who doesn’t love waffles? This is one gift that’s sure to please even the non-Star Wars fans mainly because who doesn’t like food? And if they don’t want Waffles they have issues, but regardless making BB-8 Waffles is probably the best way to spend Christmas Day.

5.Millenium Falcon Bottle Opener

Star Wars Gifts-Millenium Falcon Can Opener

Tis, the season of drinking so, why not gift this excellent Star Wars Millenium Falcon bottle opener to make the festivities extra cheerful? The plus side is that it also makes for a great stocking stuffer.

6.Star Wars Droids

BB-8 Droid - Star Wars Gifts

This is the droid you are looking for or maybe this one is or this one. No matter what you decide to spend money on you can never go wrong with one of these fun droid toys. We’re personally fans of the Sphero ones, but follow the force and choose your favourite.

7. Levitating Death Star Bluetooth Speaker

Deathstar Bluetooth Speaker- Star Wars Gifts

It levitates! If you have a Star Wars fan in your life that loves music, this is a great little speaker that will not only add to their vast collection, but it’s also functional for everyday use.

8. Star Wars Custom Sneakers

Star Wars Custom Sneakers- Star Wars Gifts

Honestly, we saw these on Etsy and thought they looked sick. One: props to the person who designed these and two: they feature two of our all-time favourite droids so why not buy these and have a pair of sweet of kicks to show off this holiday season.

9. Star Wars Monopoly

Star Wars Monopoly - Star Wars Gifts

Though still containing Monopoly’s usual four iconic corner spaces – Go, Jail, Free Parking, and Go to Jail – the rest of the areas all reflect the scenes, ships, and storylines from Episode IV. But instead of buying Park Place and Boardwalk, players will be avoiding Stormtroopers, utilizing escape pods, smuggling cargo, and preparing for battle. This is one gift we definitely wouldn’t mind having under the tree this year.

10. Funko Pop! Star Wars: The Last Jedi Vinyl Figures

Funko Pop Star Wars The Last Jedi - Star Wars Gifts

In Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Choose between BB-8, BB-9E, Chewbacca w/ Porg, Kylo Ren, Luke, a Porg, a Praetorian Guard, Rey, and Snoke all with these awesome Funko Pop figures which have proven to be quite the collectibles over the years.

11. Star Wars First Order Special Forces TIE Pilot Helmet

Star Wars Helmet- Star Wars Gifts

Not for the faint of heart or wallet, this is one of the more expensive items on our list, but if you happen to know a Star Wars fan that has everything and you have the money to spend then the Tie Pilot helmet is the way to go.

12. Star Wars Darth Vader Lack of Cheer Holiday Sweater

Darth Vader Christmas Sweater - Star Wars Gifts

This is one we recommend picking up before Christmas and wearing it to the premiere because one it’s festive and two how could you not want to? If the dark side isn’t your thing, they also have a fantastic Yoda Sweater that your significant other is sure to love.

We hope you enjoyed our list of obscure Star Wars Gifts this year. If you have any other ideas on gifts for Star Wars fans leave them in the comments below and be sure to check out Star Wars: The Last Jedi hitting theatres December 15th. 


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Gifts For Geeks Who Have Everything // // Fri, 24 Nov 2017 14:47:52 +0000 People who are into technology are so difficult to shop for, I know because I am into technology and I am also one of those difficult people to shop for.

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People who are into technology are so difficult to shop for, I know because I am into technology and I am also one of those difficult people to shop for. The biggest problem is that people who are into technology already have EVERYTHING! We often buy it for ourselves. Fortunately, because of the constant change in technology, new things come out all the time. Here are some cool ideas for the people on your holiday shopping list who may already have everything.

1. Google Home Mini

In today’s world you can’t have enough digital assistants. The Google Home Mini is relatively new from Google and a perfect addition to any tech lovers home. It offers the same functionality as its parent unit (the Google Home) but can be placed in a different room. This device can also sink audio with any other Google based device (Chromecast audio and Google Home) to allow a seamless music experience from room to room.

2. Tile pro

Maybe not the newest device on the market but again can’t really have enough of these gadgets. The new and improved tile pro offers 200’ of range compared to the previous 100’. I often can’t find my keys, wallet, even remotes. You can place these devices anywhere and save yourself the trouble of tearing your room apart. I can’t tell you how many times I have found my laundry bin beeping because I left keys there.

3. Lenovo Star Wars Jedi Challenge

To continue the list of things that nobody needs but obviously wants, why not a Star Wars Augmented Reality headset? This headset powered by Lenovo is an awesome gift because it combines Star Wars and augmented reality. This device is compatible with most Android and IOS phones and an awesome way to battle Sith or play Hollow Chess!

4. Fitbit Aria Wi-fi Smart Scale

I promise this next gift idea is intended to offend no one, you look great! But, if you’re looking to get fit, stay fit, or lose weight, how cool is a Wi-fi scale? It’s different because it uses special technology to help calculate BMI and upload progress or information to an app on your smart phone. When it comes to shopping for people who have everything, a digital scale may not be the first thing you think of, but it’s a great tool to help you reach your fitness goals.

5. Hp Sprocket Photo Printer

This portable printer has a rechargeable battery and requires no ink because its all in the photo paper. It also comes in many colors options and doesn’t break the bank. I can’t think of a cooler gadget to throw in your pocket than a color printer and it’s great for parties.

I guess at the end of the day shopping for people who have everything is not the easiest thing to do considering it took me quite a while to compile this short list of ideas. But, hopefully some of these ideas will help you shop for that incredibly difficult to shop for loved one who already has everything they want and need.

If this list doesn’t help you, then do as  I do and just buy them a gift card. Everyone appreciates a gift card.

Seasons Greetings!

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Five Reasons why Iron Fist is in Luke Cage Season 2 // // Sun, 08 Oct 2017 20:29:32 +0000 Danny is heading to Harlem. But why?

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Image: Netflix

Ever since a photo was posted on Finn Jones Instagram revealing his character Danny Rand A.K.A The Iron Fist and Mike Colters Luke Cage, many people have speculated as to why he might find himself in Luke Cage Season 2. Both actors have previously teased about their relationship and ‘Heroes for Hire’ partnership but there has never been any concrete evidence that their small friendship could blossom into a full blown partners in crime dynamic (or crime fighting, as it were), until now.

Here are five reasons why Danny could find himself in Harlem:

(Feature Image: Netflix)

Next: Reason 1- Rand Enterprises

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Fright Night! The Top 5 Horror Films to Watch this Halloween // // Mon, 02 Oct 2017 13:25:50 +0000 Dreams, Screams, and William Shatner!

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Horror is as cyclical as the werewolf’s moon,
They’ll be rebooting Scream and The Shining soon,
So for guidance this season take my hooked hand, and I’ll guide you through this spooky land.
We’ve got Freddy’s striped jumper, William Shatner’s mask, plus Father Karras and his Biblical task,
Neve Campbell is hiding in Woodsboro School, while Heather is snotty and covered in drool.
So this Halloween choose a classic instead, watch these five spooky offerings before hiding in bed.

A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984 dir. Wes Craven)

A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)
A Nightmare on Elm Street – New Line Cinema

Wes Craven’s ingenious horror was one of those films that you heard whispered about in the school playground. “So-and-so has got a copy of Freddy, do you want to go and watch it?” The power of the film was such that you didn’t need to have seen A Nightmare on Elm Street to be terrified by the concept of a horrifically scared abuser who could stalk your dreams. It preyed on fears which have haunted children throughout the ages; the monster under the bed. Randall from Monsters Inc. has got nothing on Robert Englund’s iconic scissor handed wise-cracker. The shape shifting wall that riffs upon the primal fear of bedroom shadows, the Freudian horror of Heather Langenkamp’s bathtub snooze, and the brutality of Glen being dragged into his bedroom blood-fountain, or Tina’s dancing on the ceiling, are amongst the most indelible genre moments in cinema history. The franchise might have become diluted by a need to turn Krueger into a pantomime monster, but few films burrow into your psyche like a trip to Elm Street. Repeat after me “one-two Freddy’s coming for you…….”

The Exorcist (1973 dir. William Friedkin)

The Exorcist, Horror
The Exorcist – Warner Bros. Entertainment

William Friedkin’s The Exorcist was petrifying, for the simple reason that here in the UK it was banned from release. It’s unimaginable these days based on how we’re all desensitised to the point that some audiences will laugh at the violence in a franchise such as SAW, but back then it created a huge sense of fear surrounding the movie. There were reports of people fainting and throwing up, with religious groups picketing theatres showing the film. It was a marketing department’s dream, and it worked, because until recently it was the largest grossing horror movie of all-time. Finally released into cinemas on its 25th anniversary, my first exposure to Regan’s plight was a huge disappointment. Sat amongst an audience who’d succumbed to the hype but weren’t willing to do the same with the film, they guffawed through scenes which they’d already seen parodied countless times before witnessing the original. It took a few more years before revisiting 3600 Prospect Street, at home, away from the evils of a crowd, and locked away in a comfort zone, where you feel safe, much like the events of The Exorcist. This time the film shook me to the core, and this October 31st you should let it possess you too.

The Blair Witch Project (1999 dir. Daniel Myrick & Eduardo Sanchez)

The Blair Witch Project, horror
The Blair Witch Project – Artisan Pictures

If The Exorcist‘s marketing was an act of divine intervention, then 1999’s divisive trip to the Maryland forest was one of the smartest campaigns in cinema history. The first film to fully embrace the internet as part of the cinematic narrative, The Blair Witch Project was a breakthrough event in so many ways. Advertising fiction as fact, an entire mythology that blurred the lines of reality was set-up on their website. Names such as Eileen Treacle, Rustin Parr, and Mary Brown will be familiar to anyone who’d heard the buzz about a film of found footage, yes, nobody had heard of found footage back then, in which the people on the tapes had gone missing whilst investigating the mystery of the Blair Witch. The backstory might be fascinating, but it would be for nothing if the film was a dud, and thankfully it isn’t. There are scenes here in which you can feel your heart pound in your chest as if you were stood by the speaker at a Metallica concert; the pile of rocks, the sound of crying babies in the night, and of course, that finale in the house, during which sight unseen is the most terrifying thing of all.

Scream (1996 dir. Wes Craven)

Scream, horror
Scream – Dimension Films

The film informed by every other one on this list, and all of those that didn’t make it. Horror is the most cyclical genre of them all, but nothing quite like Scream had punctured the mainstream in a way that Wes Craven’s meta masterpiece did. Post-modern before that became a thing, incredibly funny, and schooled in a genre that the late writer/director helped to shape, it’s also unquestionably terrifying. So many of the best scares come from that moment in which you’re lulled into a false sense of security, and then “BAM”, it hits you, like Roy Schneider chumming the water in Jaws. Scream is littered with examples, but its defining moment has to be the breathless opening gambit, a Psycho riffing moment in which the films only real star is offed after a game of “what’s your favourite scary movie?” However your own viewing schedule shapes up, your night of horror should probably be punctuated by Scream, simply because whatever you’ve chosen will somehow be referenced somewhere in this razor sharp exercise in terror.

Halloween (1978 dir. John Carpenter)

Halloween, Horror
Halloween – 1978 Compass International Pictures

No Halloween line-up would be complete without the granddaddy of slasher movies, John Carpenter’s Halloween. Standing William Shatner head-and-shoulders above the competition, the adventures in babysitting on the 31st October 1978, is a lean, unrelenting, nerve shredder. Accompanied by that “du-dum, de-dum, de-dum” heartbeat-come-footsteps score, which was composed by Carpenter, and featuring the most iconic of unstoppable shapes, Michael Myers, nothing has come close to the way in which this was pieced together; the silhouette on the porch, the shape stepping out from behind the bush, the numerous POV shots of both a young psychopathic Myers, and the heavy breathing, hulking great grown-up. With a sequel planned, all under the stewardship of Carpenter, promising to be intrinsically linked to the original, there’s no better time to watch death come to this little town.

For some, the true horror of this list might be that I’ve chosen The Blair Witch Project over The Shining, or that Jason Voorhees, or even his mum, didn’t get an invite from Camp Crystal Lake, but that’s the thing about horror, one man’s Chucky is another man’s Annabelle.

Happy Halloween.

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Happy Harley Quinn Day, Puddins! // // Sat, 23 Sep 2017 08:18:57 +0000 Twenty-five years of Harley Quinn.

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Happy Harley Quinn Day, everybody! What’s Harley Quinn Day, you ask?

Harley Quinn Day is the anniversary of the first ever appearance of DC Comics fans’ favourite lady clown, Harley Quinn.

Twenty-five years ago, a zany lady doctor strolled onto TV screens. She loved a psychotic clown, knew how to wield a giant hammer, and won the hearts of DC Comics fans around the world. And we’re celebrating Harley Quinn Day with a look back at the highlights of Harley’s first quarter-century.

Let’s start all the way back the beginning, on the very first Harley Quinn Day.

Next: First appearance

1992: The Joker’s Favor

Harley Quinn Day
Harley and her beau at the office

Paul Dini and Bruce Timm’s Batman: The Animated Series remains one of the most beloved Batman adaptations made. It brought us one of the most iconic Mr. Freeze stories, Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill’s fan-favorite takes on Batman and the Joker… but one of its most lasting contributions to Batman lore is the time the writers said “Hey, let’s give the Joker a girlfriend for an episode.”

In The Joker’s Favor, considered one of the series’ top episodes, an average man makes the rash choice to curse out a driver who cut him off, only to learn the other driver was the Joker. Joker agrees to spare his life in exchange for a favor, to be called in whenever he feels like it.

And when he finally calls in his favor, by his side is a clown-themed lady named Harley Quinn, later known as Harleen Quinzel, voiced by Arleen Sorkin. Sorkin’s iconic take on the character no doubt helped inspire Dini and Timm to keep her around.

The episode first aired on September 23rd, 1992, making that the very first Harley Quinn Day.

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1993: Harley and Ivy

Harley Quinn Day
Partners, in crime

In the 1993 episode Harley and Ivy, Harley and Joker end up on a break from each other after a failed diamond heist. Harley, determined to prove she’s every bit as good a crook as her puddin’, re-attempts the heist, only to run into Poison Ivy. The two hit it off, and embark on their own crime spree. At the episode’s end, Harley is hoping to get back together with Mr. J, to Ivy’s annoyance, but it wouldn’t be their last adventure together.

Fans fell hard for Harley and Ivy as friends, colleagues, and maybe something more, often preferring Harley and Ivy as a couple to the far less healthy Harley and Joker. In 2015, Harley’s current writers confirmed that the pairing, and Harley’s bisexuality, were now canonical, stating that Harley and Ivy are girlfriends, but not monogamous.

Frankly, they are an adorable pair, and there is just way more mutual respect than Harley’s ever going to get from the Joker.

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1994: Mad Love

Harley Quinn Day

With Harley clearly a breakout character, two years after her introduction Paul Dini decided it was high time Harley got an origin story. And so came the graphic novel The Batman Adventures: Mad Love. Harley attempted to prove herself to her puddin’ (Again. She never has to prove herself to Ivy, just saying) by using one of his rejected death traps to kill the Batman. While doing this, she also reminisces about her past as psychiatrist Harleen Quinzel, and how the Joker won her heart while she was attempting to treat him.

Mad Love was a special issue of the tie-in comic to the animated series, which allowed them to get away with a few things that a 1990s Saturday morning cartoon show couldn’t. Examples? Harley in lingerie, trying to seduce her boss by asking if he wants to “rev up his Harley.” Implications that Harley slept her way to better grades. Or Joker beating Harley and knocking her out of a window because her nearly-successful death trap needed too much explaining to be funny.

By 1999, the landscape must have changed, because The New Batman Adventures (a later version of Batman: The Animated Series) adapted Mad Love into an episode, keeping the story largely intact. Even the lingerie, “Rev up your Harley” and all.

Cartoons changed a lot in the 90s.

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1999: No Man’s Land

Harley Quinn Day

Seven years after her debut, DC Comics decided it was time Harley became part of their flagship enterprise, joining comic continuity. This came at a slightly awkward time for the Bat-books, however, as the entire Batman line was involved in a year-long crossover called No Man’s Land. Following a catastrophic earthquake in Gotham City, the US government decided they’d about had it with Gotham, and cut off the city from the rest of the country. Batman and the GCPD fought a block-by-block battle to retake the city from the criminals that had seized large chunks of it.

And, in the story’s final act, Harley Quinn was introduced as the Joker made his play for the ruins of Gotham.

The one-shot mostly retold the story of Mad Love, giving Harley’s origins and devotion to the Joker. Only this time in the continuity of the comics, not the animated series.

Somewhat redundant, but it did its job. Harley followed in the footsteps of Jimmy Olsen and fellow Batman: The Animated Series character Renee Montoya in making the jump from other media into the main comics.

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2001: First solo series

Harley Quinn Day

In 2001, DC decided it was high time Harley had her own book. Initially written by Karl Kesel with art from Terry and Rachel Dodson, Harley Quinn swung out on her own, leaving Joker and Gotham behind to move to Metropolis with some help from Poison Ivy.

The book lasted just over three years, meaning it started before and ended after Harley’s first live action incarnation. Which was…

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2002: Birds of Prey

Harley Quinn Day
They can’t all be Margot Robbie.

It 2002, the WB network (one of the two networks that would later merge to form the CW) tried to build on the success of Smallville with Birds of Prey. Loosely based on the popular comics teamBirds of Prey featured Barbara Gordon/Oracle (the former Batgirl), Helena Kyle/Huntress (based on her original incarnation, the daughter of Batman and Catwoman), and a young psychic/telepath named Dinah (named after but in no way resembling Black Canary) protecting Gotham from meta-human threats. Many of those meta-human threats were being orchestrated by one Dr. Harleen Quinzel, played by Mia Sara (or, in the unaired pilot, Sherilyn Fenn). Helena’s court-ordered therapist, Harly was out to avenge her beloved Joker’s defeat by Batman.

Whether or not you consider WB’s superhero flagship Smallville to be as on the same level as the CW’s Arrow, its follow-up Birds of Prey was no Flash. It started strong, ratings-wise, but bled viewers every week, fast enough that the network never expanded on its initial order of 13 episodes. The last episode featured Dr. Quinzel finally going full Harley Quinn for a full assault on the Birds’ headquarters. Set to “All the Things She Said” by t.A.T.u. because, well, youth-driven network in 2002.

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2009: Gotham City Sirens

Harley Quinn Day
Bad girls have all the fun

In the same year that orginal voice actor Arleen Sorkin played Harley for the last time in the video game Batman: Arkham AsylumDC Comics decided to take the Harley/Ivy partnership to the next level by giving them their own book, and also adding Catwoman, why not.

As part of the Batman Reborn relaunch following Bruce Wayne’s apparent death, Harley, Ivy, and Catwoman formed a sort of anti-hero Charlie’s Angels, with a reformed Riddler as their Bosley. The series only lasted two years, ending when the entire DC Comics product line relaunched in the wake of Flashpoint. Gotham City Sirens left enough of an impression that Suicide Squad director David Ayer wants to make a movie based on it.

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2011: Harley joins the Suicide Squad

Harley Quinn Day
Harley’s new gang

In the wake of Flashpoint, Harley found a new place in the New 52: as a member of Task Force X, aka the Suicide Squad.

As part of the New 52 reboot, Harley received a significant makeover. Her new, more skimpy outfit drew some criticism (not enough for DC to change it in the last six years). More notably, her rebooted origin added something to her character. Once she’d fallen in love with the Joker, he demanded she prove her love by falling into the same vat of chemicals that made him… him. As a result, Harley, who used to wear make-up, now has the same bleached skin as her puddin’.

Harley’s been a key member of the Squad ever since, but she’s too big a character to be contained there. Observe…

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2013: New solo series

Harley Quinn Day
New book, new adventures

By 2013, Harley Quinn was too popular to be just a part of a team book, and so writers Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner launched her second solo title. And they received a gift that few, if any, other DC books did: Harley Quinn is free to ignore larger DC continuity.

In the larger DCU, Harley might be a perpetual member of the Suicide Squad, but in her solo book, Harley has been rehabilitated and released from Arkham Asylum and has come home to Brooklyn, New York, where she buys a property in Coney Island that houses a freak show and a wax museum of famous criminals. She’s made friends, joined an underground roller derby league, and picked up a few would-be paramours. None of her suitors have yet eclipsed Ivy in her eyes, as Palmiotti and Conner are the writers that made that official.

Harley has even become a sort-of protector of Brooklyn, battling criminals, a corrupt mayor, an alien-induced zombie outbreak, and gentrification. To help with this, she’s recruited her own band of followers, her Gang of Harleys.

Harley’s current solo book is popular enough to lead to a spin-off, Harley Quinn’s Little Black Book, in which she teams up with various DC heroes.

She’s still a little crazy, if the stuffed beaver carcass she regularly converses with tells us anything, but she means well. Really she does.

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2016: Harley hits the big screen

Harley Quinn Day
Big screen Harley

Just a month shy of the 24th Harley Quinn Day, Harley finally reached the big screen as part of the Suicide Squad movie. While the movie wasn’t a critical success, a few elements did resonate with fans. Most notably: Will Smith’s Deadshot, and Margot Robbie’s portrayal of Harley Quinn.

Robbie certainly struck a chord with executives at Warner Bros, because they’re eager to bring her back wherever they can. Rumors of a Harley/Joker movie are probably just rumors, but Robbie’s Harley will be back for Suicide Squad 2 and David Ayer’s Gotham City Sirens.

So happy Harley Quinn Day, puddins. From a proposed one-time character on Batman: The Animated Series to multiple comic titles and a potentially bright future in film. Twenty-five years young, Harley’s just getting revved up.

That was probably inappropriate given the Mad Love “Rev up your Harley” jokes but it does fit here.

Images: DC Comics and Warner Bros.

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